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The Elan 15/16 Freeski Collection is the result of a fusion between a respect for tradition and contemporary ideas. As a ski manufacturer for almost 70 years it is impossible for us to not look to our past as we plan for our present and future ski collections. And when we look back, the thing that stands out the most is a continued seven decade long commitment to quality and innovation that started when the brand was founded, and that is a mainstay of our brand philosophy today. How this applies to our Freeski Collection is simple. Even though we are focused on producing the most modern designs for our park, pipe and all around freestyle shredding machines, we use our time-tested equation of combining innovative design and craftsmanship with the highest quality materials to create exceptional skis. With three contact profiles, including our exclusive TBT base technology and a range of skis that runs from the backcountry focused Boomerang to the junior models, which feature U-Flex so they are optimal for mini rippers, the 15/16 Elan Freeski Collection delivers a diversity of performance that ensures superior performance for freeskiers everywhere.

More confidence in your skis doing exactly what you want them to do. Disrupt the status quo, have more cofidence in your skis and dare going for harder tricks! Elan’s TBT will benefit freeskiers and freestylers alike, as it offers amazing benefits. Developed according to Elan’s famous “Real Tech” mantra, it will boost every skier’s confidence and help progress freestyle tricks into unconquered territory.

Triple Base Technology consists of 3 base inclinations, flat in the middle and lifted on the sides. Lifted edges provide catch free rides in powder or in park while middle flat base with camber profile provides power pop for safe landings and take-off’s.

Easy turning = Simple learning
Skis are 25% more flexible than the benchmark, enable kids to make effortless smooth and easy turns for more fun on snow. These skis make skiing simple and fast to learn.

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