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The vertical sidewalls deliver optimum edge hold from tip-to-tail and a direct transfer of power to the edges at high speed.


Sidewall Construction features a vertically placed ABS material above the edges from tip to tail of the ski. Sidewall offers direct power transmission from the skier's foot to the edge for control and stability at speeds and provides acceleration out of the turns.


Partial Sidewall Technology combines cap construction for lightweight and smooth turning and sidewall construction for power performance with edge grip under foot. Powerfull when needed and playfull when wanted.


Reducing weight and enhancing the performance, Bridge technology does it all. Ultra thin woodcore profile is reinforced with bridge inserts from tip to tail providing torsional stability and unparalleled power transfer to the edges.


Special monoblock construction brings laminates completely to the edge of the ski creating a torsion box. This provides superior power transmission and enhanced torsional stability.


Full Power Cap construction is lighter, easier to turn and forgiving.


For easy turn execution and better support throughout the turn. It also ensures easy control.


The ALUblade technology provides skis with the best features for all terrain performance. Shape enhances responsiveness and stability; its position on the inside assures additional edge grip where it is needed the most giving great control. The lesser alu presence on the outside edge improves easy turning and floatation.


To create TubeLite Technology, two super lightweight Carbon tubes are inserted into a laminated woodcore. Measuring 5mm in diameter and hollow in their construction, these tubes run the length of the ski following the arc of the sidecut.

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