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More confidence in your skis doing exactly what you want them to do. Disrupt the status quo, have more cofidence in your skis and dare going for harder tricks! Elan’s TBT will benefit freeskiers and freestylers alike, as it offers amazing benefits. Developed according to Elan’s famous “Real Tech” mantra, it will boost every skier’s confidence and help progress freestyle tricks into unconquered territory.

100% catch-free rides from rocker profile 100% power pop from camber profile

Triple Base Technology consists of 3 base inclinations, flat in the middle and lifted on the sides. Lifted edges provide catch free rides in powder or in park while middle flat base with camber profile provides power pop for safe landings and take-off’s.


TBT technology brings you catch-free experience when you are shredding in the parks. With this technology switch take-off’s and buttering onto rails can become a reality and the easiest way how to boost your skill to the level of pros! The biggest benefits of our innovative technology are catch-free landings when taking on big jumps and rails due to the lifted edges. TBT also provides you with better pop when you need it and keeps the skis stable when speed is high!

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