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Monday 5. September, 2011

W Studio is extensively proud to share with you our W Studio collection for this winter. We are also proud to introduce Mirjam Jaeger as a part of W Studio Team starting this season. Team members are covering all ski segments and having all kinds of background - Mirjam is going to be a great contribution to the team with her wide background not only in skiing but in many other winter sports. She just returned from New Zealand X-games, competing at Summer X-Games, and exploring the world. Check out her blog where she writes about her experience down South. We will track her on and As Miriam likes to say, “I wouldn’t be able to live without skiing”.  Skiing is one of the most important things in her life and W Studio team members are known for living their dreams skiing and loving it.

Current members:

- Urška Hrovat (Slovenia)

- Ana Jelušič  (Croatia)

- Georgie Bremner (USA)

- Mirjam Jaeger (Switzerland)

- Melanja Šober (Slovenia)

W Studio is spending many days on snow, working closely with R&D department already for winter 2012/2013. They are all busy and excited to catch you on snow.

Thursday 24. September, 2015


24th of September, 70 years ago, 12 pioneers lead by Rudi Finžgar formally established Elan.

Wednesday 1. April, 2015


I just finished up my season with a 1st Place finish at the Junior National Aerial Championship in Park City, Utah.

Monday 12. January, 2015

Zach Surdell...First World Cup

This week was one I will remember for ages! I was fortunate enough to represent the USA in a World Cup for the first time in my career!

Tuesday 9. December, 2014

"Sky" is the Limit with Egan and Elan!

Enter here for your chance to score the ultimate ski getaway at Big Sky Montana! This getaway will be March 5-7, 2015.

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