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Every day on snow offers the opportunity for a new thrill. If you're passionate about skiing then testing your own boundaries is a part of the experience. Our female skiers are always setting new challenges that push themselves professionally, and in ways related to simply enjoying the snow. They know that when they are really testing their limits Elan is the best friend a girl has. Now these ladies have decided to share some of those dynamic moments with us, and they want to invite you in on the fun. So what is your challenge for today?

W studio

W Studio

The whole Elan W Studio team stands behind the LightSkiing concept. This energetic team consists of ski industry professionals who have dedicated their whole lives to skiing – ambassadors, World Cup racers, ski bums and enthusiasts.

W Studio

The W Studio team, and exclusively female collective, works together with Elan’s regular team of R&D experts and engineers on the women’s collection. Many hours, and even years of collective work have been spent researching women’s skiing requirements. The result is that W Studio skis are the essence of skiing perfection – effortless, lightweight and fun.

W Studio

Along with superior technologies, our designers always work to create stylish ski designs. These skis are the product of a yearlong effort by women, creating aesthetics for women, and we're sure that you will find the perfect ski in the collection.

The W studio team

Melanija Šober

Melanja Šober

Melanja is a creative leader of W Studio, developing all of the women skis in a beautiful collection. A former telemark youth world champion, she is one of the youngest ski product managers in the industry. As a passionate skier she lives her dream while making new skis.

Urška Hrovat

Urška Hrovat

As one of the most promising and talented skiers in her generation, Urška won several World Cup and World Championship medals. Always ambitious and resourceful, today Urška is a valuable asset for the Team, working towards the progression of women's skiing.

Gergie Bremner

Georgie Bremmer

Skiing has taken her to many winter resort nations around the globe, and home has often been wherever she unpacks her ski bag! Whether skiing the North Face of Mt Blanc, in synchronized skiing competitions with the Divas, or exploring Panda Peak with her 3 year old, skiing equals living the dream for Georgie.

Urška Rabič Bevc

Urška Rabič Bevc

We are happy to introduce Urska to the W studio team. She has a well established background in ski racing and competing at the highest level, competing in many world cups, world championships and the Olympics. Urška is passing on her love and knowledge of skiing as a coach all around the world.

Lisa Densmore

Lisa Desmore

There are people who dedicate their entire lives to a single activity. For Lisa Densmore Ballard, the activity is skiing. She knows everything there is to know about it. In the second half of the seventies she was a member of the American national team, and for over nearly four decades, Lisa has tried and tested skiing in every way, shape and form.

Sonnia Höffken

Sonnia Höffken

Skiing is about far more than just the easiest or fastest way to get down a mountain. Everyone creates their own definition of "skiing" as they find our own place in the diverse potential of this sport. For Sonnia, an internationally certified ski & yoga trainer, getting into the flow of skiing is her true passion. For her it is a way of being, a kind of a philosophy and meditation. Conditions in snow covered mountains are often very harsh, but she is always at peace out in her element, enjoying the freedom is provides. Sonnia really just loves snow and skiing!

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