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Elan has a strong Ski Cross team competing in the world cup. At least 24 riders from 9 countries will be riding Elan skis this year.


  • Brady Leman
  • Kevin Drury
  • Dave Duncan
  • Mathieu Leduc
  • Ian Deans
  • Kelsey Serwa
  • Brittany Phelan
  • Georgia Simmerling


  • Semen Denshchikov
  • Kiril Gladkov
  • Sergej Ridzik
  • Anastasia Chirtcova
  • Ana Antonova


  • Eric Mobarg
  • David Mobarg
  • Viktor Sticko


  • Filip Flisar
  • Blaž Ogorelc


  • Marius H. Mæhle
  • Henrik Lunde


  • Terence Tchiknavorian
  • Sebastien Lepage


  • Marco Tomassi


  • Ryan Regez


  • Nikol Kucerova

We expect best results from Filip Flisar and the riders from Canada, especially Brady Leman who was second in last year’s world cup overall ranking. We also hope Terence Thicknavorian will get his breakthrough on the podium as well as the Russian and Swedish riders.

Filip Flisar

"I was a wild kid when I was born and deep down I never changed. I love discovering new things, I’m addicted to speed and testing my limits. In the off season I transform into a racer on two wheels. I'mjust as home on a BMX, mountain bike or dirt bike as I'm on skis. I’m also really into music. I love discovering new places and cooking with my girlfriend’s recipes."

Brady Leman

"I’m always up for adventure and love trying new things. Wait, this sounds like a dating profile. I can also be intense. I take training very seriously, I have high expectations for myself and work extremely hard to live up to those expectations... I love being outside in nature. Training and competition for Ski Cross can be so time consuming and intense that I really need a break from the stress of competition, I turn to my hobbies for that, and it gives me a good break. Fishing definitely has a special place. Salmon fishing has a particular charm for me. It teaches you patience and dedication and these virtues are very important in skiing and life in general."

Kevin Drury

"I love being outside in the mountains. Most of all though, I absolutely love sports. Growing up I played everything I possibly could. I was a competitive tennis player, I played hockey, soccer, rugby, badminton, squash and rode bikes... ” I still play hockey in the spring and fall and soccer and squash in the summer. But most of all I bike. When I'm out East in Canada I stick to road biking, but during the summers in Whistler I ride Enduro. Biking is very similar to skiing. You have to choose your lines, react to bumps and jumps and everything that comes at you..."

Kelsey Serwa

"I enjoy new experiences and sharing them with close friends. On the flip side, I’m a hard worker, and am very dedicated and passionate about the things I set my mind to. I want to enjoy what I’m doing. I’m also quite competitive so I want to always be the best at everything I do. Sometimes I find myself drifting away from happiness and focus too much on perfection, but not for long."

Brittany Phelan

"I’m generally a happy person, and always try and do things that make me enjoy life. It’s hard to say which sport I like more. I get a lot of the same feelings from riding my bike as I do from skiing, so the long summer months in between ski camps go by a lot quicker when I’m out riding my bike. When I’m not skiing, I’m biking everyday."

Terence Tchiknavorian

"On the one hand I am a lonely boy. On the other I like meeting people who are interested in the same things and have the same passion as me. I am doing a lot of sport, all the time. When I am not skiing,I do skateboarding, surfing, biking...I also love to travel around the world. I take at least a three week vacation every year. This part of the year is very important for me. The season is very long and full of training and racing, so I need to get away to relax and unwind. Travelling to far away places works best for me so I can forget my everyday life."

This year’s newcomers who join the Elan Team are Dave Duncan, Georgia Simmerling, Nikol Kucerova. With the 2018 Winter Olympics being just around the corner, we are ready to win some medals!

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