K2 will have to wait

Image:K2 will have to wait
07. čec, 2017 Autor: Elan


Davo Karničar, the Slovenian alpinist skier (and a skiing legend who claimed first descent from Everest) had a dream for this year that nearly became reality – skiing from the mighty K2. After years of preparation and after setting up base camp and making some first ski runs, the 54-year old announced yesterday that he will be returning home without attempting to fight the mighty mountain.

"This time the mountain won. K2 remains to be skied from ..."


The real adventure began right after arrival, as Davo and his team had walk about 100 kilometers only to access the foothills of K2. Add to that about a 100 kilograms of equipment and you can be rest assured it was quite a task for them. After setting up base camp, Davo quickly started to get acquainted with the mountain and he made some “test” ascents and descents in difficult conditions from T1 at a height of 6000 m. But as it turned out, the work while setting up camp left its consequences as he hurt his back during the build-up.


“Because of the pain in my back I was not confident in my turns in very steep terrain, as I could not actively release in the curve. And K2 is a mountain that does not allow for improvisation and half-breeding," said Davo in a phone call yesterday. He was attemting to ski from K2 using Elan's unique foldable ski, the Ibex Tactix.


Waiting for recovery of his back is not an option, as the additional time would require a new acclimatization period. Along with that, the time window for the descent would close and he would miss the appropriate part of the season at K2. Not to mention the effect the additional wait would have on his self-confidence. To add to the list, it became clear that a key passage in the southern wall is lacking snow and could not be skied in Davo’s style (from top to bottom) without taking off his skis. All these reasons lead to a decision that he will finish the adventure and return home.

We at Elan are sad and happy at the same time, as we were a big part of Davo’s preparation for his great accomplishment and we daily saw the huge effort he made to finally live his dream of skiing K2. But we are super happy that common sense is stronger than the wish of skiing that would be too risky at the moment.

We’re looking forward to greeting you back at the Elan factory soon, Davo!




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