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Elan Black Edition, where premium style, design and performance meet. The exclusive offering is available in every category: Amphibio, Ripstick and Delight. The special edition design features a sleek timeless black style with a state-of-the-art carbon construction, sure to stand out on lifts and ski racks with distinction.

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Mr. Everest
24. Oct, 2018 | Gregor Šket

Mr. Everest

Davo Karničar is a skier, mountaineer, mountain rescue service member and lover of nature. In all respects he is a one-off, special and unusual person... What else could we expect from the first man to ever ski from the summit of Everest and then go on to ski down the highest peaks of all the continents of the world. He regularly skis steeps that mere mortals would fear to even look at, Davo is one of those people who seem to have found the elixir of eternal youth. He is a man without an expiration date. He is the original article, a natural, direct and honest guy.

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Female principle
12. Oct, 2018 | Gregor Šket

Female principle

Elan’s W Studio is celebrating its fifteenth birthday. We talked about designing ski products for women with Melanja Šober, W Studio founding member and Head of Product Management whose team of dynamic designers delight female skiers around the world.

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No man's land
01. Oct, 2018 | Matthias Mayr

No man's land

Crazy Antarctica expedition by skis, kite and tent.

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SUP Yoga for Skiers
24. Sep, 2018 | Sonnia Höffken

SUP Yoga for Skiers

Stand-up-paddling is functional training at its best. Together with yoga moves and postures, it gives you that extra bit of spice for a perfect and fulfilling training program for skiing and snowboarding.

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@brittanyphelan and @kelseyserwa limited edition skis: Ripstick 102 and Ripstick 94 🎿
Avaliable from November 15th on elanskis.com
#wstudio #wecreate #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick #dirtsquirrels
We captured some behind the scenes of @brittanyphelan creating her limited edition skis
#elanskis #wstudio #alwaysgoodtimes #wecreate #peoplewhoinspire
A little glimpse of behind the scenes with @kelseyserwa creating her limited edition skis
#elanskis #wstudio #alwaysgoodtimes #wecreate #dirtsquirrels
Here it is, our final and double collaboration for W Studio campaign. And you already know, it’s with DIRT SQUIRRELS! Stay tuned for the reveal of @kelseyserwa and @brittanyphelan skis.
#elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #wstudio #wecreate #peoplewhoinspire
Introducing limited edition skis by @hercogpolona.
Available on elanskis.com from November 15th #wstudio #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #limitededition #wecreate
Continuing our anniversary celebration for W Studio 15 years, we're introducing our second collaboration this time with Polona Hercog. Stay tuned for the reveal of skis she designed...
#elanskis #wstudio #alwaysgoodtimes #wecreate
Introducing limited edition skis by @ninasusnjara. Available on elanskis.com from November 15th
#wstudio #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #wecreate #limitededition
We create skis with @ninasusnjara
#wstudio #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #wecreate #peoplewhoinspire
In honor of W Studio's 15 year anniversary, we prepared something special for you! Limited edition skis with people who inspire us. Stay tuned... #wstudio #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #anniversary #limitededition #peoplewhoinspire #wecreate
For decades, women’s skis were ignored. In 2003, the Elan W studio was created with one simple goal in mind - to develop the absolute best skis designed specifically for women. #wstudio #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes
“You take mine today Dad, I’m gonna’ rip this stick”. #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick
If you love my socks you should see the cape and mask I’m wearing. #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick

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