Ibex 94 Skins
Ibex 94 Skins
Ibex 94 Skins

Ibex 94 Skins

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Ibex 94 Touring Skins

Thanks to the perfect combination of 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon, these specifically shaped skins for Ibex 94 models offer the best grip with easy gliding. (ID DTS71217)

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This material, in a combination with permanent hydrophobic treatment, reduces soaking of water, giving you a reliable and secure feeling while touring.

A special lightweight tip hook enables quick, easy, and secure fitting of skins to all Elan Ibex models. Compact stick-on glue applied from tail all the way up to the tip prevents the snow getting between the skin and the base of the ski, giving you best possible fixation even at the lowest temperatures.

An adjustable tail clip with extendable rubber bands allows for a reliable fixation of skins in the tail, no matter the type of snow.

Ergonomic cut of the skin in the rocker zone provides easy gliding and reduces weight in the tip of the ski.

MATERIAL: Mohair 65%/ nylon 35%
TYPE: Pre-cut skin
FIXATION TIP: Metal tip hook
COMPATIBLE: Ibex 894 Carbon XLT & Ibex 94 Carbon

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