Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion
Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion
Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion

Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion

The all-mountain solution

Elan Ski Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion

If agility is what you desire and laying down effortless quick and nimble arcs gets your blood pumping, then prepare for the ultimate ride with the Amphibio 14 Ti. Built for quickness, designed to shatter heart monitors. (ID ABICQC17)

The Amphibio 14 Ti Fusion is a high performance versatile piste ski that excels at being quick - very quick. This is the ski for a complete skier who combines short and medium turns that keeps your heart rate at an alarming level but always keeps you cool and confident. Created for on-piste charging, the Amphibio 14 Ti utilizes Elan's innovative Amphibio 4D Technology. It combines the Amphibio profile, a smart combination of camber for greater edge grip and rocker for faster and direct turns, with a pre-shaped, vibration reducing titanium top that differs in the front and rear. A convex front will help you initiate a turn with precision, while the concave rear will make you exit the turn in a dynamic fashion. To match the top-notch tech, its aggressive green graphics and shape provide a unique skiing elegance and aesthetics.

Core Technologies

Amphibio 4D

Amphibio 4D Elan’s patented Amphibio 4D technology is the latest evolution in modern ski design. The 4D concept has traditionally flat structural layers in the ski strategically shaped in convex and concave forms in the tip and tail of the ski. This shaped structure concept, combined with the Amphibio profile provides unrivalled all mountain versatility, power and performance.
Running base

Nano Tech Running base

Nano Tech Running base The Nano Tech Running Base is a unique base material composed of nanoparticles that improves durability and provides ideal glide performance in all snow conditions. 


Amphibio The Amphibio profile is a revolutionary ski design that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. Amphibio skis feature a cambered inside edge assuring precision, edge grip, and stability while a rockered outside edge provides forgiveness, turning ease and smooth transitions.


Fusion Fusion is Elan's original integrated binding system that ensures a smooth flex of the ski, that translates to easy turn initiation and quick and powerful edge-to-edge responsiveness. The synchronized toe and heel movement also allows for fast and simple binding adjustment.


RST The RST Sidewall Construction optimizes the transfer of power and energy from skier to the edge of the ski, providing maximum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.

Response Frame Wood Core

Response Frame Wood Core The Response Frame Wood Core is a unique tip-to-tail laminated wood core that is the combination of a hardwood frame around a softer wood center. This construction is extremely robust and allows for a variety of flex patterns for different ski types.

Dual Ti / Ti2

Dual Ti / Ti2 Dual TI is a sandwiched wood core with 2 layers of titanium. This construction provides superior edge control and a progressive flex pattern for high performance skis.

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