How do you imagine a perfect day of skiing?

Thursday 15. Sep, 2016

Heliskiing. The word alone evokes daydreams. Of the Canadian British Columbia backcountry and wide open powder snow fields above the treeline as far the eyes can see. »Steep&Deep« conditions with perfect powder, Elan Ripsticks on your feet and the helicopter waiting eagerly to take you back to the top and dropping you off in paradise. Run after run, turn after turn. Until you can't take it anymore and you crave an evening of relaxation in a secluded mountain lodge with culinary delights created by a world-class chef.

The crew at WWHS want to make your heliskiing experience incomparable, both on and off the mountain. Of course, the untracked alpine bowls, glaciers and pow tree runs have their charm. But they feel so much better when the last run takes you to the recently renovated stylish rustic Skeena Salmon Lodge, where all your senses are awaken again by exquisite meals and exceptional hospitality. Did we mention the wine list? Crazy!

WWHS has an unlimited vertical policy, meaning you'll ski as many runs as you can take in a day. If there was one too much, get your tired body a massage and dive into the outdoor jacuzzi with a gaze at the Northern lights.

Did you know you can hang out with Glen Plake at White Wilderness Heliskiing for free?
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Back to the backcountry … it's where safety comes first, as all the guides have been trained to the highest and most rigorous international standards with every guide being a member of ACMG or IFMGA and all of them hold certifications throught the Canadian Avalanche Association and has emergency wilderness medical training. Add to that – as Glen Plake said – »the best skis ever« and you have the perfect heliskiing experience.

Elan Rip Sticks are the exclusive ski used at WWHS. From a technical aspect it allows Elan to have the skis skied by a diverse group of skiers. Oh and by the way - did you know that fat skis were invented for the Canadian heli op’s ? They allowed not so competent skiers to ski the long vertical drops in the mixed snow conditions of the back country setting. They allow Expert Skiers … well ... to Rip! And The Ripsticks are perfect for it!




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