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Amphibio 84 XTi

The Amphibio 84 XTi is right at home in any snow conditions, and is capable of all kinds of turns and carves.


This ski features our latest Amphibio 4D technology with our Amphibio® profile, which assures greater edge grip and faster more direct turns. The convex front section of the ski provides a more precise turn entry, while the concave rear guarantees a dynamic exit from the turn. Dual Shaped Titanium increases torsional stability, reduces vibration by 30%, and brings down the weight of the ski. These skis feature a new lifted binding with an improved toe ramp for faster carve initiation and enhanced performance and transmission of power. This ski is also equipped with RST Sidewalls, a Power Woodcore, and Dual Shaped XTi.

Recommended Length
Skiing Level
4-9/10 Intermediate Advanced Expert
1-7/10 Groomed Variable Powder


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Amphibio 4D Technology

Amphibio 4D Technology delivers uncompromising performance developed to excel in any situation the mountain can throw at you. The first 4D technology that combines a rockered outside section of the ski for easy turning, and a camber inside section for edge grip, with a convex front section, for precise entrance into turns, and a concave tail for a quick exit. The result is left and right skis that provide exciting on-slope performance and versatility on varied terrain.

Click HERE for more about Amphibio 4D Technology

Amphibio Profile

The Amphibio profile is a unique, revolutionary innovation, combining both rocker and camber profiles. The secret lies in the left and right ski construction, with each ski featuring a cambered inside edge assuring edge grip and stability, and a rockered outside edge for easier turning.

RST Sidewall

Optimizes the transfer of power and energy from the skier to the edge, providing optimum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.


A special light construction for high performance on wider platform skis. One layer of titanium enhances edge control while longitudinal carbon fibers provide responsiveness and smooth transition in the turns.

Power Woodcore

The Power Wood Core features a power-frame composed of poplar that is vertically connected to laminates, a structure that provides increased torsional stability and responsiveness. This composite construction delivers enhanced edge hold in the tip and tail areas and a uniform flex throughout the length of the ski.


The Fusion System is Elan's Answer to integrated ski binding system, paving the way for faster turn initiation, smoother flex, easier turning, and enhanced edge-to-edge responsiveness. Unique also due to the synchroneous movement of the toe and heel part. And of course - easier and faster adjustment of bindings.

Other features and technologies

  • Amphibio 4D Technology
    4 dimensions of performance designed to dominate in all conditions and terrain.
  • Amphibio Profile
    A revolutionary innovation that combines rocker and camber profiles in a single ski.
  • RST Sidewall
    Power, control and stability
  • XTi
    Titanium and carbon power for wider skis
  • Power Woodcore
    Enhanced edge hold + uniform flex
  • Fusion
    Elan's answer to integrated ski binding systems

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