2x2nd in Feldberg for Elan Skicross Team

Image:2x2nd in Feldberg for Elan Skicross Team
05. Feb, 2017 Written by: Elan


To be honest, we were quite scared on Friday, when the qualification runs were cancelled in Feldberg due to severe weather. But eventually it all (kind of) came together for the event organizers.

Elan team had a successful weekend in Feldberg, with two second places among other great results. Brady claimed silver on Saturday while Filip got his piece of silver metal on Sunday. Oh and those Elan ladies keep on ripping the tour with Brittany Phelan on 6th place and Anastasiia Chirtcova on 7th on Saturday. Great job girls!

You could hardly see the racers on Saturday due to heavy snowfall, but that's Brady Leman claiming it in the background ;) It was a happy Saturday for him, claiming second place!

Second day saw Filip Flisar owning it for Elan, with another second place claimed.


Overall ... a great snowy weekend for the Elan Skicross team! Check below for all Elan team results.


Elan Men:
2. Brady Leman
12. Terence Tchiknavorian
14. Mathieu Leduc
15. I
an Deans
17. Filip Flisar
25. Kevin Drury
26. Semen Denschichkov

Elan Women:
6. Brittany Phelan
7. Anastasiia Chirtcova



Elan Men:
2. Filip Flisar
17. Kevin Drury
20. S
emen Denschichkov
24. Ryan regez
28. Ian Deans
29. Mathieu Leduc

Elan Women:


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