20. Feb, 2018 Written by: Bine Žalohar


Freestyle: Vogel - summit of Križ – descent to Suha valley - return to Ribčev Laz

This is my absolute favorite descent. If there is enough snow the terrain is perfect for building kickers and as a ton of natural hits. When you get tired of sessioning the valley and jumps then the suffering begins. Beating your way through a dense forest of beech and hazel bushes and picking the best slalom line down the mountain is a true test for any skier.


The steep one: Jezersko - Kranjska hut through the Žrelo gully - north pillar of Skuta - through the Hudournik couloir under Velika Baba

This ski tour starts off easy up to the Kranjska hut. Then continue up the snow field towards the foot of Skuta and across the exposed traverse into the gully that leads up to the shoulder. From the shoulder follow the second ridge to the summit. Three small jumps may pop up if the snow cover is not perfect. The ski descent is relentless with pitches between 40 and 45 degrees, even 50 at times.


Freeride: D station - Prestreljenik window - Gilberti refuge - through the couloir to the ridge - descent down the western side of the ridge through the forest - Sella Nevea parking area

When the sun becomes too strong to ride the Slovenian side of Mount Kanin a hike up towards the window gets you a chance at one of the first descents to Gilberti. If the skiing is not up to par or the snow is past its prime you can add an ascent to the ridge through the western couloir and hope for fresh powder on the northern side down through the woods. The terrain is beautiful and very varied but also has countless sinkholes and massive cliffs so local knowledge is essential.


The pleasure cruise: Krma – Bohinjska Vratca - Velo Polje (hut) - Mišelji vrh / Hribarce

A late spring multi day tour starting from the Velo Polje hut. Diverse terrain ranging across Mišelji Vrh, Hribarce and Šmarjete glava has everything from steep skiing to jumps and fast turns in spring corn. There are enough options to cover any weather or snow conditions on any given day. In May the area is deserted, there is more than enough snow and a stream below the hut allows for a normal stay.

The hidden one: Kranjska Gora (Jasna lake) - Kurji vrh

Who would have thought that you could so easily hide from the circus of Kranjska Gora and the hordes of ski tourers laying siege to Vršič pass. The top of the couloir can be seen from the centre of Kranjska Gora. You can almost hear it calling. It is so close. But when you lose four hours of ascent in a dense forest crisscrossed with gullies you soon forget anything is close. Take care near the small waterfall in the lower couloir just before traversing onto the ridge and the central line towards the top where there is a step drop off on the eastern wall.

Ripstick collection

20. Mar, 2018 | Rok Rozman


We visited mountains to meet the rivers. It might sound a bit strange, but it is the mountains where the rivers start their path. It is mountains that stop the clouds as they travel from the sea to the mainland, squeezing moisture from them.

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Gang of Misfits
13. Mar, 2018 | Martin Tekše

Gang of Misfits

The Elan Ski Cross Team is an international gang of adventurous, unusual and unique guys and girls. First and foremost they are all skiers. But they are also much more. They are all multilayered personalities with unique interests and talents.

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Smile On My Face, Optimism In My Heart
06. Mar, 2018 | Kelsey Serwa

Smile On My Face, Optimism In My Heart

With the next Winter Olympics just around the corner and as an athlete working to qualify for the games, it can be easy to get caught up in the pressure to perform.

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