BRADY LEMAN - Fishing season is over, let's race!

Image:BRADY LEMAN - Fishing season is over, let's race!
06. Dec, 2016 Written by: Elan


The Canadian Brady Leman is the powerpack on the course and can be quite an intimidating sight for his opponent at 190 cm height and over 90 kg weight. We’re super happy he didn’t quit racing after a series of injuries from 2009 to 2011, even though he admitted once that he actually did not know what skiing is like without pain for a whole season. For 2016/17 he’s ready to rumble! The nice guy from Calgary is bound to leave his tracks on the course!


Brady, racing season’s here, how do you feel about that?

I am really excited to start racing again. The beginning of the season is always the most nerve racking, since you have been out of the start gate all summer! It brings extra nervousnenervousness but also excitement to start racing again and chasing wins and podiums! I really miss the thrill of racing in the off season.


Was off-season all about training or did you get a chance to relax in the summer?

I trained quite hard this summer back in Canada, lots of time in the gym and on my mountain bike trying to get in shape and strong for the season. But of course it is also important to relax and enjoy some summer! I managed to get some great camping trips in this year, lots of good fishing and hiking as well!


What is your training routine like? How do you “spice it up”?

My training routine is pretty standard I think. Not as out of the box as some people. I push really hard in the gym and try to be the strongest athlete on the hill to gain an advantage. I also try to train myself in uncomfortable situations, things that I am not great at. One of them is gymnastics training. I think that out of the box or uncomfortable training is really important for ski cross to hone in and train your reactions. Everything is always changing in a skicross race, you have to adapt to the situation you find yourself in each run, so training for that is quite difficult. I think the best way is to try as many different things as possible to push your limits and train your reactions to new situations.  


Expectations for this season?

My plans for this season are to race strong all year. Last year I was quite consistent all season, with lots of podium and top 5 finishes, but I failed to win a race on the world cup. I am hoping to pick up where I left off last season, strong and competitive each race. If I can find my same speed, which I think is still there, the drive is stronger than ever to chase a finish atop the overall standings!


Elan has a strong skicross team gathered this year. How important is that? 

Having a strong team within a brand like Elan allows us to work together to create the fastest ski possible for skicross. We have many athletes with different styles and techniques, all working to be fast and providing ideas on how the skis should feel or work. This means that when they are all put together, you have a great product on your feet. It also pushes you, seeing the other guys on the skis, winning and skiing fast. It gives you extra confidence knowing that you have the best product.


Brady (far left) with his closest Elan teammates (left to right): Filip Flisar, team manager Blaž Lazar, Kevin Drury and Kelsey Serwa.

Anything else you'd like to tell the world?

Stoked to start racing again! I am really proud and feel lucky to have a company like Elan behind me, they have put a lot of resources into ski cross and behind me individually and I am excited to represent the brand and kick some ass this year!


Brady Leman talking about the importance of a team in Skicross




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