Brady Leman breaks the silver chain of armour

Image:Brady Leman breaks the silver chain of armour
13. Feb, 2017 Written by: Elan


We saw incredible skicross racing last weekend with the course in Idre Fjall proving to be a mystery for some riders, who were devoured by the course well before the final runs. It was the most consistent skicross racer of season 2016/17 that didn't bother about the course or other racers ... Yeah, you could've guessed it ... Brady Leman was the man of the day on Sunday, claiming the win with consistency and agressive runs.

The scream of victory by Brady Leman, Sunday winner at Idre Fjall.


It feels good to finally perform in the finals the way I know I can,” Brady said for a FIS interview, “Sometimes you come second and you feel like you’ve lost, but that hadn’t been the case for me this season. I’ve actually been pretty pleased with the way I’ve skied for those results, even though it just wasn’t quite there. Today though I just had a ton of confidence. I went for the win right from the top and I was able to hold on. It was perfect skiing right when I needed it in the final."

It's not just a single result that matters though, as Leman closed the gap to overall leader Chapuis to 143 points (Leman 616, Chapuis 759), so we're thrilled to see what the Canadian powerpack has in store in the races to follow.

Saturday MEN
9. Brady Leman
19. Filip Flisar
20. Kevin Drury
22. Terence Tchiknavorian
27. Ryan Regez
28. Ian Deans
Saturday LADIES
9. Anastasiia Chirtcova
10. Brittany Phelan
Sunday MEN
1. Brady Leman
5. Terence Tchiknavorian
9. Kevin Drury
12. Ryan Regez
13. Ian Deans
18- Filip Flisar
30. Semen Denshchikov
Saturday LADIES
7. Brittany Phelan
13. Anastasiia Chirtcova

Smooth sailin' for brady Leman in Idre Fjall!!!



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