FILIP FLISAR - 4X bike races for summer practice

Image:FILIP FLISAR - 4X bike races for summer practice
05. Dec, 2016 Written by: Elan


Filip is the original moustache in the Skicross world. For several years he’s been one of the fastest racers on the course, winning the World Cup in 2012 and World Championships in 2015. Filip is a fun guy and it’s somewhat hard to keep a smile off your face when he’s around. But it’s not all laughs with Filip and many skicross racers will tell you he’s one of the most radical skiers on the course with an aggressive skiing style. Oh, did you know he also does 4X bike races?


Filip, it’s almost race time. How do you feel about that? Did you miss the thrill of racing in off-season?

Yeah, I am super happy about the season finally about to start so we can stop just training and start racing. I didn’t miss skicross competition in the summer much, because I race all the time on my BMX and 4X mountain bike.


How did you prepare for the upcoming season? Was it all training or was there time to relax in the summer?

First I took few weeks off after the season to relax and than started physical training until September. And after that? A LOT of skiing!


What is your training routine like? We've seen you racing on bikes in the summer. Is this kind of “out-of-the-box” training important for a skicross racer?

Well out of the box isn’t necessary but it helps some athletes. I always get bored if I my training doesn’t include something that gives me the thrills. That’s why my training includes riding my bike a lot and lots of other fun stuff


Expectations for this season?

My plan is to be first, of course! But there’s a problem with my plan as a lot of racers have the same plan in mind and in the end only one of us will win. We will have to wait and see how all this will end. But that’s part of the excitement in sports, right?

Filip (second from left) with his closest Elan teammates (left to right): Brady leman, team manager Blaž Lazar, Kevin Drury and Kelsey Serwa.


Elan has a strong skicross team gathered this year. How important is that? 

Oh that is great! For the sake of improvement a strong team is very important. We have a great team now now so we can start to become stronger and stronger!

Anything else you'd like to tell the world?

Yes. I like turtles.

Filip Flisar - what's skicross all about? 




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