29. Mar, 2017 Written by: Lisa Densmore Ballard


Each winter, I host up to a dozen "Your Turn" women's ski clinics around the United States, sponsored by Elan. About 200 women participated this year. Over 6,000 women have come to "Your Turn" events since I started the program in the 1990's, and they all leave with a huge smile, new skiing friends and a break-through in their skiing.

While the full-day of ski instruction helps, the chance to try various Elan women's skis are the secret to their newfound ability. As soon as they get on a tuned ski designed for them, they can't help but pump it up.

This year, the gals could demo Ripsticks, Insomnias, Interras and Delights. I got them to connect more turns in the bumps, float through powder, tuck down a GS course and try steeper terrain. If you want to see a girl giggle with delight, watch her ski her first black diamond, not only without falling, but making graceful turns the entire way down.


Here's how I get the women who come to "Your Turn" clinics to ski better, regardless of their ability level:

  1. Great skiing starts with the skis. Elan's women's line is the best! I put them on the right skis.
  2. I coach from the feet up, checking for correct stance and balance over the forefoot, not the heel.
  3. They learn to flex much harder into the front of the ski boot as they roll the skis on edge. (Most women tend to sit back.)
  4. They learn to put lots of weight on the downhill ski and how to roll both ski up on edge more.
  5. Most women who come to my ski clinics have no idea what to do with their hands, so last but not least, I teach them about pole plants - when to plant the pole (as the cue to start the new turn) and where (down the hill, not forward to the ski tip).

Best of all, it's girl's day out! Do you think these women are having fun? You bet! By the way, if you're having a good time on the slopes, you'll naturally ski better because you're more relaxed.


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