15. Feb, 2017 Written by: Elan


We received a lot of great photos from great riders and the jury had a tough time deciding, as every single member of the jury had a winner in mind. But in the end it's the overall vote that counts. We have three winners that will go heliskiing at White Wilderness Heliskiing with the legend - Glen Plake (check him out in our latest podcast with host Mike Powell and Glen Plake)

Rip the Stick photo contest was a Ripstick photo contest we ran this winter, with awesome prizes to be won. Can't remember? Check the contest page ...

And yeah, the prizes were ... well, awesome!!! Check them out:

for THREE Lucky Winners

3 x 3-day helisking package
including travel costs at White Wilderness Heliskiing with Glen Plake.
Date: March 10 to 13, 2017

What’s included in the prize?
- 3 nights food and accommodation and 3 full days of skiing
- Transfer to the lodge from Terrace Regional Airport and back
- Unlimited vertical with a 12,000 meters minimum guarantee
- You’ll go skiing in max. 3 groups of 4 people + guide (UIAGM / ACMG certified guides)
- Avalanche safety equipment, floatation pack and personal radio
- Latest Elan Ripstick models
- Medical & evacuation insurance
- Complimentary wine pairings with dinner service
- Massage Therapy


for SIX Lucky Winners

6 x Ripstick Skis

for 30 Lucky Winners

30 x Ripstick T-Shirts


 All winners will receive an email with confirmation of the prize and all instructions how to claim your prize. And guess what, all winners will be showcased on Elan's social channels, as we'll publish a few of the winning photos (that's 39 all together) in the next month. Be sure to check into @elan.skis (Facebook) and @elanskis (Instagram).

But, before we check the winners, let's see what the GRAND PRIZE is all about ...


Finally, here are the winners of the 3 day heliskiing trip:

Robin Delerce

"Je peux les emmener partout! Je les aime tellement que je me baigne avec!"

Rip the stick winners


Philip Ott

"They shred backcountry pow, and big booters."

rip the stick ripstick photo contest


Megan Racher

"They take me to all the awesome places I want to ski and make me the mom all the boys want to ski with!"

rip the stick ripstick contest winners



winners of Elan Ripstick SKIS:

Karl Lavtar

"They're rippin' awesome!"


Willy Fugain

"Ils ont sauvé ma journée, facile, sécurisant, avec un flex très homogène c'est du bonheur. Merci la technologie TNT et Amphibio ca marche fort. Les skis doivent etre encore mieux en Heliski au Canada ! #SkiRipstick"


Miquel Robin

"J'aime les Ripstick car ils représentent tout l'esprit de la montagne: légèreté, fun et surtout liberté."


Michelle Stevens

"I'm often unprepared (like showing up to the beach with the wrong gear), but when I make it to the mountains, the Ripstick is prepared for what ever conditions are waiting for me. All of my Elan skis have been rip-sticks, these are finally named it!"


Batman of the Slopes

"Nothing is faster and more stable when chasing down criminals."


Cooper Ott

"The smooth bases and all around lightness of the ski, makes them fly!"


winners of Ripstick T-Shirts:

Adam Sapers
Andy Crow
Kenneth Carson
Tom Lee
Robyn Dendel
Ralph Oppermann
Ibrica Djukic
Torgrim Jorgensen
Lynn Lazzaro
Denis Joly
Michel Blonske
Lassard Julie
Patrick (no last name)
Beth Pechter
Anica Collombin
Bugaud Marion
Longuet François
Landra Sebastien
Camile Martin
Fernandez Jean-François
Bouvier Mathieu
Duc Emmanuel
Wagner Bernhardt
Melanie Steuri
Masa Judar
Taillon Chantale
Kari Nomeland-Strømsøe
Mario Pesl
Blaž Pečuh
Lena Marolt


Congratulations to all winners! And don't forget to rip it out there off and on the slopes!!!






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