The adventure continues

Image:The adventure continues
20. Sep, 2016 Written by: Matthias Mayr


Ten years have passed since Matthias Mayr, one of the most respected Austrian freeride skiers and a Doctor in Sports Science, as well as a film producer, set foot on a pair of Elan skis. At the time, it was all about skiing for Matthias, but as the years passed, he evolved into a world-renowned film maker, capturing his skiing adventures on film. At Elan, we are excited to sign a sponsoring contract with Matthias for another two years, especially in light of our newest mountain weapon – the Ripstick, which will, also thanks to Matthias, now conquer some of the most demanding skiing terrain Earth has to offer.

Matthias Mayr showing Siberian kids the Ripstick

When your goal is skiing from the highest peak of Eastern Siberia, you need equipment you can trust and a team that supports your expeditions, even when dangerous. “Elan has supported me from the beginning when I started freeskiing on a professional level. It´s now been ten years and I am happy that we will continue the relationship further. The quality of the skis and the fact I am treated like in a big family when visiting the factory are the main reasons why I never want to leave this brand,” Matthias said when signing the contract.

At Elan we are excited to continue our cooperation with Matthias and are looking forward to seeing him and the Elan Ripstick in some of the toughest skiing terrains in the world.

About Matthias Mayr

With a Doctoral Degree in Sports Science, Matthias Mayr is a one of a kind character in the world of freeride skiing, by spreading his theoretical knowledge during lectures at universities worldwide. But science aside, Matthias likes to transfer his theory into practice. His thesis showed that the level of adrenaline in the bodies of extreme skiers during a descent is much higher when compared to athletes in other extreme sports. Well, he definitely got his (well researched) adrenalin rush when he took part in a number of unique, dangerous and challenging skiing projects. Last year he visited the island of Onekotan, known for its unique landscape as an uninhibited volcanic island located on the northern end of the Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk. Matthias and his friends tackled the island on skis and captured the adventure on film, which is called Onekotan - Lost Island. In 2016, he charged into another freezing adventure, skiing from Gora Pobeda, the highest peak of Eastern Siberia with his skiing friend Matthias “Hauni” Haunholder. The end result is a new film, called The White Maze which will premiere in October.

Besides being one of Austria’s best and most popular backcountry skiers, Matthias Mayr has spent most of his last years producing films about his skiing adventures.

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