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It’s been almost 10 years since Glen Plake stepped into his Elan ski sponsorship, and after a decade of skiing on the most   innovative products in the industry, the legendary freeskier doesn’t seem to want to make any changes. Elan is pleased to announce that Glen has signed a sponsorship contract that extends the long-term relationship between him and Elan. This ensures that he won’t have to make any compromises on the performance of his gear, and we will continue seeing his iconic Mohawk ripping down mountains on Elan skis all over the world.

Glen Plake and Elan first joined forces in 2006 and this new agreement means that we will continue to have his valuable and extensive knowledge and experience available to help Elan continue to produce the best possible skis for every terrain and all types of skiers. As well as fill his important role in Elan’s R&D team, Glen will continue his mission as a true ambassador of both Elan and this great winter sport that he has dedicated his life to.


It’s all about innovation

Upon signing the contract, Glen had the following to say: “Over the last ten years it has been an honor to ski Elan. The innovations and technologies we have created have made skiing better for all types of skiers, and have allowed my own skiing to evolve as well. I look forward to the future years and our continued relationship.”

It’s true that Glen has seen his share of new technologies during his time with Elan – from WaveflexTM to Amphibio4D. But his involvement in product development and testing in Elan culminated recently in our latest and hottest freeride tool – the Ripstick. “Building off of our patented Amphibio technology, we’ve built a ski that utilizes TNT, the most forward-thinking technology that allows skiers to take on the toughest terrain with ease,” said Melanja Šober, Elan head of Product Management. Glen tested the Ripstick extensively worldwide, and his comment on the ski sums it up really well: The new Ripsticks are the best skis ... ever!" International testers agree as the Ripstick has received awards from some of the most important ski-tests in the world.


About Glen Plake

Glen Plake is an American freeskier, mountaineer and global explorer. He took up skiing at age of 2, but it was the moment when his third grade teacher used a Möbius flip video clip from the seminal film Ski the Outer Limits as a way of demonstrating math, when Glen knew that skiing held something greater for him.

His endless enthusiasm, free spirit and skiing prowess (and of course his brightly dyed Mohawk hairstyle) made Glen the most recognizable character in skiing. He is known for his appearances in ski films such as Maltese Flamingo, The Blizzard of Aahhhs, and License to Thrill, to name just a few, and he even appeared in the cult Hollywood comedy Wayne’s World. Lately he spends his winters in Chamonix with his wife Kimberly and when he is not ripping technical mountain descents, he is raising ski-awareness around the globe.


About Elan

Elan was born in the Alps in 1945 and for over 70 years it has been a pioneer of innovation in the winter sports industry, producing game changing gear that has pushed skiing and snowboarding beyond their boundaries. This has been accomplished through a process that includes a relentless pursuit of new and better ways to meet performance needs, and the results have become iconic developments in the history of ski and snowboard design, such as Amphibio 4D, Lightskiing and U-Flex. Our newest breakthrough, the Ripstick, delivers confidence and control in the trees and steeps to a broader range of skiers than ever, thanks to our recently developed TNT technology.

In the last decade alone, Elan’s products have received numerous international awards for performance, design, functionality, technology and innovation, including the title of “Most Innovative Brand”, which Elan recently received for the third time.

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