Up Your Game in the Steeps

Image:Up Your Game in the Steeps
01. Feb, 2017 Written by: Ben Brosseau


Lone Peak at Big Sky Resort is home to THE best, most challenging, lift served, longest sustained steep terrain in North America.  By taking one of several lifts above tree line, there is a snow-covered path on every aspect that requires a certain mindset and some skillful moves to navigate.  Whether you’re looking up from the bottom, debating to ski or not to ski or committing to the first turn from the top; the viewpoint can be daunting. 

There is a big difference between “skiing it” versus “just making it down”.  Many skiers, even at the advanced level, struggle with that glass ceiling to elevate their skills and confidence to truly ski a seamless, steep descent.  We crave a breakthrough; a confidence boosting moment to conquer something beyond our comfort zone!

At the Dan Egan Steeps Camps at Big Sky, we have been taking skiers to the next level for years.  The 3 day camps start from a strong foundation of simply, good balance.  From there, we coach skiing tactics to manage and maneuver through off-piste terrain, soft snow, rocky and narrow sections, trees, moguls and any other snow and weather condition mother nature decides to throw our way. 

Safety is of foremost importance.  Along with good balance, technique and self-arrest knowledge, there is also a prominent psychological focus throughout the camp.  It’s common to get caught in the mix of nervousness and excitement; you know you’re physically capable, but your mind is telling you “no”.  We train to change the way you look at the mountain.  Positive visualization, good judgement and decision-making are part of the mental and emotional approach to skiing the steeps.  Overall, we aim to create a mountain awareness and accurate movements that are crucial to travel safely through steep and rocky terrain. 

The steeps camps in Big Sky have gained in popularity over the years.  However, we still keep the coach to student ratio low with group sizes no larger than 6 or 7 people.   Dan’s coaching staff are some of the best in the business.  Not only are they fully certified PSIA instructors, they are also members of the Big Sky Mountain Sports guide staff.  They bring a thorough knowledge base of the 5,800 acres of Big Sky Resort’s terrain and keen insight to the snow and weather conditions on a daily basis.  Dan Egan, based out of New England, is a pioneer in the world of extreme skiing.  He has been featured in 12 Warren Miller films and skied around the globe.  He is also an award-winning film producer, a journalist and host of TV and radio broadcasts.  If not a certified legend yet, he and his brother, John Egan, will be inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame this April. 

Camaraderie, energetic atmosphere and a good breakfast are fuel for these ambitious days. Prepare to test your comfort zone, pursue goals and formulate plans for success; not just for 3 days, but for seasons to come!  Plan for an early (8:00 am) chairlift load on the final day.  The latest skis from Elan are also available to demo! 

We have 3 sessions available this winter:
February 23-25, 2017
March 2-4, 2017
March 9-11, 2017

For more information and registration visit:  http://bigskyresort.com/the-mountain/mountain-sports-and-lessons/specialty-clinics

Challenge the steeps, challenge yourself.  This is your season!

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