Brady Leman
Brady Leman

Ski Cross

Brady Leman

Fishing Salmon in summer and medal in winter


Brady Leman is typically Canadian - easygoing, fun, natural and straightforward. “I’m always up for adventure and love trying new things. Wait, this sounds like a dating profile. I can also be intense. I take training very seriously, I have high expectations for myself and work extremely hard to live up to those expectations ...” says the winner of four World Cup races who still manages to find time to study business in spite of his busy training schedule. 

He is an all around athlete. Besides skiing, Brady is also into mountain biking, golf, mountaineering and fishing. “I love being outside in nature. Training and competition for Ski Cross can be so time consuming and intense that I really need a break from the stress of competition, I turn to my hobbies for that, and it gives me a good break. Fishing definitely has a special place. Salmon fishing has a particular charm for me. It teaches you patience and dedication and these virtues are very important in skiing and life in general.”

Living a natural life is a quintessential part of Leman’s life philosopy. “You have to do things that you love and have as much fun as possible. I am so lucky that I figured out a way to make my childhood dream of being a professional skier come true. It also gives me some great opportunities for enjoying my hobbies off the hill,” says Brady who listens to country music, reads classical novels, watches comedies and action films and enjoys travelling.

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