Brittany Phelan
Brittany Phelan

Ski Cross

Brittany Phelan

Riding fat tires on dirt and slim skis on the slopes


Just a few seasons ago Brittany Phelan was racing through slalom and GS gates. Now she prefers to share her course with three other girls in ski cross races. “I’m generally a happy person, and always try and do things that make me enjoy life. So skiing is a perfect fit,” says the 26-year-old from Mont Tremblant in the Canadian province of Quebec.

When she is not skiing, she is racing mountain bikes: “It’s hard to say which sport I like more. I get a lot of the same feelings from riding my bike as I do from skiing, so the long summer months in between ski camps go by a lot quicker when I’m out riding my bike. When I’m not skiing, I’m biking every day.”

When asked about her personal philosophy, she recalls her childhood. “Since I was 4 years old I wanted to go to the Olympics and be the best skier in the world. After competing in Sochi in Alpine skiing, I have bigger dreams for the future. I would like to qualify for the next 2 Olympics and be in medal contention,” confidently states the Canadian. Her favourite music artist is Michael Jackson, she enjoys Harry Potter books and her favourite place on the planet is Whistler, British Columbia although she comes from Eastern Canada. It is only to be expected from a true Canadian athlete who also posts funny Wacky Workout Wednesdays on Instagram with her teammate Kelsey Serwa.  

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