Filip Flisar
Filip Flisar

Ski Cross

Filip Flisar

The Wild Child of Ski Cross


“I was a wild kid when I was born and deep down I never changed. I love discovering new things, I’m addicted to speed and testing my limits,” summarises Filip Flisar. His achievements include the titles of World Champion and World Cup Champion and seven World Cup wins. The thirty year old from Maribor, Slovenia, is one of the most recognisable personalities on the ski cross tour. He is much more than a pretty face with an enviable moustache. In the off season he transforms into a racer on two wheels. Filip is just as home on a BMX, mountain bike or dirtbike as he is on skis, and he is just as good on four wheels too, be it a skateboard or a car. “Well skiing is still my number one sport and the Olympics are coming next winter. I still have a few scores to settle there,” says the mustachioed one and goes on: “I’m also really into music. I love discovering new places and cooking with my girlfriend’s recipes.” 

Filip is an adventurer, but he is also a perfectionist. “I have an unstoppable drive for constant progress. In sports and life in general. I just know things can always be done better.”

He is a direct and honest man through and through. That is why he has no problem admitting that he’s lately been reading too much Internet and not enough books. He also thinks watching films is a waste of time. That makes sense, since he’s the active type and always on the way to a new adventure. In summer, Filip swears by the Adriatic coast, but also loves the Western USA and the vineyard covered hills around his hometown of Maribor.

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