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Kevin Drury

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Kevin Drury

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“I love being outside in the mountains. Most of all though, I absolutely love sports. Growing up I played everything I possibly could. I was a competitive tennis player, I played hockey, soccer, rugby, badminton, squash and rode bikes ...” says Kevin Drury. The Canadian has been a member of the Elan Ski Cross Team for several years. “I still play hockey in the spring and fall and soccer and squash in the summer. But most of all I bike. When I'm out East in Canada I stick to road biking, but during the summers in Whistler I ride Enduro. Biking is very similar to skiing. You have to choose your lines, react to bumps and jumps and everything that comes at you ...”

Kevin’s obsession with sports most likely comes from his father who at age sixty still skis almost every day in winter and mountain bikes in summer.

Kevin has an interesting taste in books and films. He’s a big fan of fantasy fiction. “I have a very active imagination. When a good fantasy book creates an incredible new world my mind is there and I get completely sucked in. My favourite films have to be James Bond and Jason Bourne,” says Drury who also played the saxophone for 11 years. When asked about his favourite place on the globe, Kevin’s answer leaves no doubts. “Whistler! It’s the ideal spot for me. There’s everything to do right at your doorstep, skiing in winter and mountain biking in summer.”

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