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Elan Black Edition, where premium style, design and performance meet. The exclusive offering is available in every category: Amphibio, Ripstick and Delight. The special edition design features a sleek timeless black style with a state-of-the-art carbon construction, sure to stand out on lifts and ski racks with distinction.

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Latest News
SUP Yoga for Skiers
24. Sep, 2018 | Sonnia Höffken

SUP Yoga for Skiers

Stand-up-paddling is functional training at its best. Together with yoga moves and postures, it gives you that extra bit of spice for a perfect and fulfilling training program for skiing and snowboarding.

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Prized year
18. Sep, 2018 | Elan

Prized year

2018 was a good year for Elan products. Elan skis won almost 50 important awards around the world.

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Open doors
03. Sep, 2018 | Glen Plake

Open doors

My whole life has been a mix of skiing and mechanics. Skiing since two and spending time in my grandfather and Uncles shops since about the same. By age seven I had my “own” tool box which I still use as a top box on one of my chests. Throughout my childhood I was convinced I would grow up to be a mechanic like my grandpa and uncle’s did. The idea of skiing for a living didn’t really start until my early teens as it was not a normal job.

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Ski Triathlon
24. Aug, 2018 | Gregor Šket

Ski Triathlon

Davo Karničar, the first man to ski from the summit of Everest, keeps skiing even when most people think only of the beach. His summer ski triathlon includes cycling and climbing and it is all made possible by the Elan Ibex Tactix ski that opens up a new world of opportunities.

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It might look gray from here, but the water color of that Fjord is a crystal clear Ripstick 106 Blue. #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick
Photo by @kofler_sport
“As I am demonstrating, skis actually come in pairs, which can be a common misunderstanding”. #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick
With @mattia.ortelli.pro
Left ski: “he’s checked every pocket man, just give him his phone back after the selfie so we can get going” #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes
With @davo.karnicar
Photo by @klemen_razinger
Vote: Overhead or head first #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes
No matter if you hike for 5minutes or for days, it´s always worth it! #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skiripstick
With @matthiasmayr
Photo by Heiko Mandl
'...and after hours of touring, we stumbled onto Supermans Fortress of Solitude.' #elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes
With @maj_stirn
Photo by @sandi.bertoncelj
Dear Glen, we wish you #alwaysgoodtimes for your birthday! Have a great one! #elanskis #birthday
With @glenplake
It’s only September, but @davo.karnicar will keep pedaling until he hits snow, probably around October- then he’ll climb the biggest, nastiest thing he can find.
#elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes
After falling overboard on a boat rip in Norway, the Ripstick 106 barely made it to shore as a Castaway. “Wilson!” #elanskis #skiripstick #alwaysgoodtimes
Photo by @kofler_sport
“Looks like the plan at the bar last night worked, should be an easy win”
#elanskis #alwaysgoodtimes #skicross
Photo by @jureniedorfer
With @drury.kc

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