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We've seen quite a show at the Cross Alps Skicross tour in December! The exhausting tour started on December 7th, when the skicross elite gathered for the first time this year. Elan walked on to the scene with a Skicross team »par excellence«, leading the pack are Brady Leman, the Canadian powerhouse, the »rookie« Kevin Drury and the ever loud Filip Flisar. Even though we respect the »ladies first« mentality, we thought that Kelsey Serwa should come as a cherry on top with her everlasting enthusiasm.

But rest assured, Elan's Skicross team is not just three guys and a gal. There's a whole bunch of talented skiers riding Elan's signature green skis this year: Ryan Regez (SUI), Ian Deans (CAN), Terence Tchiknavorian (FRA), Marco Tomasi (ITA), Sergey Ridzik (RUS), Semen Denshchikov (RUS), Sebastien Lepage (FRA), Mathieu Leduc (CAN), Egor Korotkov (RUS), Sergey Mozhaev (RUS), Magnus Bjorness (NOR), Mateusz Habrat (POL), Marco Tomasi (ITA), Blaž Ogorelc (SLO) and Matic Masterl (SLO). Along with Kelsey Serwa, the women's fleet includes Anastasiia Chirtcova (RUS) and Anna Antonova (RUS).

Check Elan's Skicross team in this cool video

Cross Alps tour was a success for Elan

The Cross Alps tour was an exhilirating test fort he racers – 14 days of non-stop racing. The tour started with two races in Val Thorens, France (December 8-10), followed by a night race in Arosa, Switzerland (December 12-13), Montafon, Austria (December 15-17) and finally Innichen, Italy (December 20-22).

Elan's skicross team made quite an impact on the tour with Filip Flisar claiming two wins in a row in Innichen and Brady Leman two second places in Val Thorens and Arosa.

Race venue #1 - Val Thorens (France)

Val Thorens was the first indicator of form in this racing season and we saw Elan's racers starting quite conservatively on the first day of racing. Here's how Elan's athletes finished the first race:

7. Kevin Drury
14. Brady Leman
18. Filip Flisar
20. Semen Denschickov
25. Ryan Regez

 Ladies saw similar results:

7. Kelsey Serwa
14. Anastasiia Chirtcova

But day 2 of racing brought a smile on our faces, as Brady leman exploded on the track and claimed 2. place. Here are team Elan's results on day 2 in Val Thorens:

2. Brady Leman
7. Sebastien lepage
15. Ryan Regez
27. Filip Flisar

Brady Leman in Val Thorens

Brady Leman exploded on the track and claimed second place on the second day of racing in Val Thorens

Race venue #2 – Arosa (Switzerland)

With the season intro completed, the team moved quickly to Arosa for a short night Skicross race. We were all excited where these guys and girls can take it and they did not dissapoint!

Brady Leman was still on fire, claiming another podium with a second place in this short and dynamic course. How did the rest of the team do?

2. Brady Leman
9. Ryan regez
10. Kevin Drury
11. Terence Tchiknavorian
13. Filip Flisar
26. Ian Deans

In the ladies fleet, Kelsey Serwa finished on 18. place and Anastasiia Chirtcova on 21. and we also saw Anna Antonova in the race with a finish on 27. place.

Arosa was a treat for spectators and the short night race brought joy for Elan's skicross team with Brady Leman claiming another second place.

After her knee injury Kelsey Serwa had to finish the season, but she'll be back with a vengeance next year ... until then, check Elan's Facebook profile for some of he legendary #WacyWorkoutWednesday

As for the men – we saw the team moving up the results ladder with three guys finishing in top 10:

4. Kevin Drury
5. Filip Flisar
10. Sergey Ridzik
14. Ian Deans
17. Brady Leman
19. Ryan Regez
20. Terence Tchiknavorian

Venue #4 – Innichen (Italy)

We can honestly say that Innichen was the place where it all came together. We missed Kelsey Serwa out there, but the super icy race course could just make things worse for her knee, so she travelled back to Canada to get in shape for races in January. With Kelsey away, it was Anastasiia Chirtcova's turn to show what she's capable of and she finished on 6. place on day one and 14. place on day two, well defending green colors on the track!

Now let's head over to the big boy's races …

The loudest guy out there, Filip Flisar was getting a bit frustrated with his results, as he knew he is physically and mentally prepared for the podium, but somehow he couldn't find his speed in the first three races of the season. In Innichen it all came together for him … even after the first day of qualifications he was ultra-confident about his speed and he proved that in the race as well with two wins in 24 hours. How cool is that?

Must been the race of my life!”
Total dominance at Innichen by Filip Flisar, who proved that he's in top form this season, but just needed a little kick-start.

With a spectacular comeback in 1/8 Finals of day one, where he catapulted himself from 4. to 2. place, it was smooth sailing from there on, winning the final comfortably. And day two? It was total dominance for Filisar, winning every single heat in the race.

And the rest of the green pack? We saw a great team result, first day of racing saw three Elan racers in top 10 and second day 8 Elan riders got results in the race.

Here are the results from day one in Innichen:

1. Filip Flisar
6. Kevin Drury
10. Brady Leman
15. Terence Tchiknavorian
30. Sergey Ridzik

And day two in Innichen:

1. Filip Flisar
9. Brady Leman
12. Terence Tchiknavorian
17. Kevin Drury
20. Ryan Regez
21. Sebastien Lepage
22. Ian Deans
29. Sergey Ridzik

Skicross will be back on January 15!

An overview of all four races in the Cross Alps tour shows that Elan's Skicross team is getting stronger every race, claiming four podium finishes (Flisar 2x 1st place, Leman 2x 2nd place) and several top 10 results and ladies are running strong as well. Hopefully we'll see Kelsey Serwa getting her revenge in January, as she's in top form this year as well.

Overall standings for Elan Skicross team after Cross Alps tour – LADIES:

16. Anastasiia Chirtcova
17. Kelsey Serwa (only finishing two races)
31. Anna Antonova

Overall standings for Elan Skicross team after Cross Alps tour – MEN:

2. Filip Flisar
4. Brady Leman
8. Kevin Drury
24. Ryan Regez
25. Terence Tchiknavorian
27. Sebastien Lepage
33. Ian Deans
34. Sergey Ridzik
39. Semen Denshchikov
42. Marco Tomasi
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