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Anyone that truly loves winter, snow, and skiing, dreams of being able to make their own set of skis, a pair customized and adapted to exactly their unique wishes and needs. They dream of that magic moment when their boots click into the bindings, and these skis take off towards the valley below.

We are a few of those lucky ones that know this privilege well. We have been making skis for over seventy years, and know that making a great ski is anything but easy. It took lots of learning, studying, calculations and testing of the various types of wood and other materials that skis are made of. Over the years we have become better and better at making skis, not just for ourselves, but for everybody else too, friends, casual skiers, racers, cruisers, adrenaline addicts, explorers, adventurers, and more...

Our limitless dedication to our work has often resulted in truly revolutionary ski designs, ski technology that simply did not exist before, creating skis that profoundly rede ned skiing. We are very proud of all these innovations that have since become generally accepted standards in the industry. The spirit of innovation is our main guiding principle. Even now, after seventy years, we continue to spend every day, be it in summer or winter, rain or sunshine, thinking of how to make skis better for their users.

Making skis is a distinct pleasure. It takes a cross between a carpenter, craftsman, sculptor, engineer, technologist, chemist, designer and painter to come up with a good product. It is an amalgam of tradition and advanced technology. The woodcores, the heart and soul of our skis, are enriched with modern materials that bring out the characteristics a ski needs to stand up to the most demanding snow conditions.

Skis are tools made for snow, bitter cold, and winter. They do not shy away from ice either. But if you have a love for skis, they are also pieces of art, just as home on a gallery wall as they are on the icy steeps.

Kids Carve Too
02. ago, 2017 | Georgie Bremner

Kids Carve Too

Skiing = quality time with the whole family.

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K2 will have to wait
07. lug, 2017 | Elan

K2 will have to wait

After years of preparation and after setting up base camp and making some first ski runs, the 54-year old Davo Karničar announced that he will be returning home without attempting to ski from the mighty K2.

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