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Matthias Mayr is an interesting character. He is a doctor of sport science. He is an explorer. And above all - he is a skier. He skied some of the most remote mountains of our planet. And he produced some incredible skiing movies.

Which three words would you use to describe yourself?
Never, describe, yourself!

What is your definition of skiing?
Skiing is a unique combination of nature, speed, diversity, power, flow, motion, elegance. If you are able to get all this into your skiing, you feel pure happiness.

Did you have any role models while growing up?
I have had very different ones, starting with MacGyver and Michael Knight, recognizing that soccer is the greatest sport when watching Ronaldo (the Brazilian one), and since I never stop growing up, I still do have role models - Roger Federer is maybe the most impressive and elegant athlete of all time.

How do you cope with fear and danger (Would you agree with the saying: You cannot touch greatness without flirting with danger)?
Fear is very important to stay alive, it´s the subjective measurement for danger. If you are afraid you should not ignore it.

Danger in general is very dependent on the point of view. People often ask us, if it is very dangerous to do extreme skiing in extreme remote regions?
But we work on that for a long time to plan everything in detail, until now I just hurt myself in stupid on piste skiing, never on extreme ski missions.

Could you describe your perfect skiing day?
50 centimetres of fresh powder, together with my friends and girlfriend, skiing through the forests of Austria all day long, afterwards drinking a beer on a hut, then spending the night in front of the TV with my girl and my cats.

Your best and worst skiing memory?
I have a lot of best memories, so it is hard to tell. My worst day has definitely been the one when I hurt my knee on the piste.

What would you be if you were not a skier?
I would still be Matthias, maybe playing even more soccer and beach volleyball, maybe working on something else with 100% passion.

Who would you vote for the best skier of all time?
I guess this is something impossible to vote for. There are so many great skiers.

You were skiing in some of the most remote places of our planet. How do you find them and how do you pick them?
It mostly happens accidentally, browsing through google earth, flying above mountain ranges with a jet plane. I would say one leads to the next. When flying home from Kamchatka we spotted the Chersky Range in Siberia.
Your most interesting and your most scary experiences?
In skiing? Being on the island of Onekotan for almost 3 weeks was definitely the most outstanding experience. I have learned so much. Nothing could have developed my character more than that.
My most scary experience was when I got caught in a huge avalanche but luckily did not get hurt.

What other sports you practice?
Hiking, running, fitness, soccer, beach volleyball, biking.

When winter is over, do you start counting down for the next one or you are looking forward for the summer or you turn the Earth around and search for winter also during the (European) summer?
Winter usually lasts very long for me, longer than it seems to last in Europe. For example in 2016 I came back from Siberia mid of May. This season I am working on a project that will most likely last until July.
Then when winter is over, I am directly into editing the movie, planning film tour, planning new movie. And yes, I enjoy summer a lot, I am not counting the days till next winter, but I do hope for a good one.

What are your favorite summer activities?
Soccer, beach volleyball.

Favorite summer and winter place?
Austria and Austria.

What was your last vacation?
In Greece on Ski-athos.

Where would you go, if you've had a weekend, a week, and a month – and money wouldn't be a problem?
Let´s I try to live like money would not be a problem. When we start investigating for our projects it´s usually like that the financial part is the part that could make it impossible. And everyone tells you, this is impossible. But I don´t listen. So I have been on many places you usually just go when money would not be a problem, and the next will be Antarctica.

How would you describe your personal style?
Sporty, I guess. I do not even have a suit.

Do you wear jewelry or do you have a lucky charm?

What do you do for charity?
I am ambassador for I'll try to help this organisation convince people that sports and being outdoors help preventing and to healing cancer.

What about the reducing of your personal carbon fingerprint?
I am riding my bike as often as I can, I am not buying any shit that I don´t need. I would say I am really down low when it comes to consuming things. Of course I know that flying around the world for skiing cause a huge carbon fingerprint, so I would never see myself as an ecological hero, but I hope with showing millions of people the beauty of nature I might can change the minds of some people to live more green.

Which is your favorite sports team?
FC Barcelona.

Last book, movie, concert, theatre, exhibition?
Some book from Simon Beckett.

Do you have any pets?
Two cats.

Do you cook yourself?
Mostly, yes.

What is the best dish you can make?

What were you most stoned of?
I never smoked in my whole life, not even a cigarette, so nothing can make me be stoned.

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