Terence Tchiknavorian
Terence Tchiknavorian

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Terence Tchiknavorian

When he's not racing, he's chilling in Indo


Terence Tchiknavorian was born in the ancient papal city of Avignon, but has been living in Grenoble in the foothills of the French Alps. “Tchik” is a unique guy. “On the one hand I am a lonely boy. On the other I like meeting people who are interested in the same things and have the same passion as me,” he says about himself.

The 26-year-old lives sports: “I am doing a lot of sport, all the time. When I am not skiing, I do skateboarding, surfing, biking ...”

Terence also loves to travel around the world and taking at least a three week vacation every year. He loves to combine his travelling with sports and often travels to the shores of the Indian Ocean to surf. Sri Lanka and Indonesia are his dream destinations. “This part of the year is very important for me. The season is very long and full of training and racing, so I need to get away to relax and unwind. Travelling to far away places works best for me so I can forget my everyday life.” In winter he prefers to stay close to the snowy mountains.

Just as the others, Terence also sees joy and pleasure as the main essences of life: “Finding pleasure is not always easy. That is when I focus my desire and give my best every time,” adds Terence who favours electronic and rap music and action movies. He says he can watch the same movie ten times.

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