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01. Sep, 2016 Written by: Davo Karničar



By Davo Karničar

"During one of our discussions on life’s problems, my alpinist mentor who is now well in his eighties once said: After you turn seventy you can really feel the body is not what it used to be..."


What a laugh! And also words to live by. After taking care of some problems I had, I am now back preparing and organising my K2 expedition. Last winter was short, but there was no shortage of snow in the spring, and I managed to get more than a hundred days on snow over the past six months. As the years go by, more and more training is needed to get the right feel for high-risk zones. This is a fact that I found hard to accept at first,
but I am now starting to like it and I am skiing like never before. For
a year before I return back to the Karakorum I am working on skills I can’t practice at home. Peru is the cheapest for the glaciers, crevasses, seracs, steep and narrow chutes and frozen slabs on the tops of ridges that I need, and the altitude up to 6700 meters is just right. Each tour is a story in itself, but the inner flame driving me forward remains the same - Chogori.

I have been ski touring on the steeps for forty years now. I have seen many improvements in equipment and different approaches and have made many turns on every type of snow imaginable. But even now, I often find it hard to choose the skis I want. How then can an average user choose the pair that is right for them? The answer is never simple nor definitive.

Ski mountaineering is a complex activity so the selection of gear is naturally not easy. Which elements are important to me? Reliability and the pleasure of skiing - be it in powder, crud, breakable slabs or ice, the uphill - skinning up and changing direction, weight - important when skinning and carrying skis on your back, design - distinct, practical and attractive.

The right skis are always designed not only with the head and hands but also with the heart of their creators. Throughout the process, from development ideas to marketing trends, decisions must be infused with a profound knowledge of the activity they are being made for. Sellers and users can connect with and enjoy skis that are created this way.

Can I trust you with a secret? THEY are coming! At the end of May
I was taking advantage of the last large patches of snow in my home mountains on THEM, I took THEM to my glacier training to Peru in June. I felt THEM, trusted THEM and was excited about THEM throughout the development.

And now these skis are on the way and just in time! Injuries and the challenges of organizing the greatest adventure of a lifetime on K2 moved my expedition to 2017. If a goal is completely clear the re of excitement keeps burning and there is always a way to realize it.

Most importantly, I now know exactly which skis I need and have the right energy. To me, Elan means to trust and believe. And for you? 
Try them for yourself!

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