A sweet&sour finale at the Skicross season ending

Image:A sweet&sour finale at the Skicross season ending
21. mar, 2017 Avtor: Elan


It was an exciting weekend for the Elan Skicross team, with high hopes at the Sierra Nevada FIS Freestyle Skiing World Championships with Filip Flisar as the defending World Champ and Brady Leman as the second placed in the World Cup ranking aiming for the top at the last Skicross race in the season.

Both Flisar and Leman had great runs in the first heats. Brady sadly didn't make it to the finals, but Flisar had a great series of heats and easily made it to the finals, where he was clearly aiming for the win. In the final heat, Flisar took charge immediately, but we all know that sport involves those few % of luck and Flisar just ran out of it on that day … after being tangled up with Frenchman Place, Filip fell and lost all chances of winning, even losing his ski. He crossed the finish line on third place, he was later disqualified for a mistake earlier on the course. Fourth place was the verdict …

»I can honestly say that it was not the fastest racer on the course that won the race today. But that is the beauty of our sport and it's what makes it interesting,« Filip told the reporters later, adding the he felt really confident about the win before the race. »To be honest, all I was interested in was winning. Second or third place wouldn't count today …«


Overall the Elan Skicross had a solid performance at the World Championships, with Filip finishing on 4th, Brady Leman on 7th, Semen Denshchikov on 16th, Marco Tomasi on 24th and Kevin Drury on 27th place. The ladies saw similar results, with Anastasiia finishing on 7th place, while Brittany Phelan did not start the race.

Well, the season is finished and we saw ups and downs for the team with the iconical green skis. But in the end, it was a superb season with Good Times allover! Brady Leman earned second place overall in the Skicross World Cup and Filip Flisar just missing out on third. Seeing the results, we're super stoked about what the guyz and galz on the original green skis will show next season!


But, before we wrap up the season, we just need to show you Brady's winning run from the World Cup Finals at Blue Mountain again, where he finished a series of second places and crowned his season with a win on home territory.


Final overall standings – Elan ladies:

10. Brittany Phelan
14. Anastasiia Chirtcova
24. Kelsey Serwa (injured at the beginning of the season)


Final overall standings - Elan men:

2. Brady Leman
4. Filip Flisar
8. Kevin Drury
15. Terence Tchiknavorian
30. Ryan Regez




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